2018 Jackson Kayak Cuda HD

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The Cuda 12 is one of Jackson Kayak's top selling kayaks of all time and now gets a new family member, the Cuda HD! Jackson Kayak has taken all the recent improvements to both hull design and deck staging and added it to this new small water product. A new longer and slightly wider size gives the Cuda additional stability and increased tracking and speed. The deck has completely been reworked with padding, a new hinged center hatch, tubular tip covers, YakAttack tracks in all the convenient places, Hi-Lo and trimible seating and comes Raymarine and PowerPole ready!   

Features include:
- NEW Elite Seating System
- NEW Platypus hydration system
- Hi-Lo and trimmable Seating
- Molded in rod tip covers
- YakAttack track systems
- Standing pad
- Raymarine and Power Pole ready
- RAM accessories
- Safety flag
- Plano tackle box

Length - 12'10
Width - 33
# of Seats - 1
Height - 10.5
Hi/Lo Seating - Yes
Material - Linear Poly
Model Year - 2018
MSRP (US $) - $1899
Rear Hatch - Yes, 9.375
Rudder Ready - Yes, Optional
Rudder Type - SeaLect
Seat Type - Elite Seating System
Total Capacity - 425 lbs
Weight (Pounds) - 85.5 w/o seat

  • 1  - NEW improved hull design

    Longer, wider giving you more speed, tracking and stability.
  • 2  - New Center hatch

    Unique new center hatch for storage, mounting and electronics set ups.
  • 3  - Improved front hatch

    Large front hatch with new easy-opening latches.
  • 4  - Standing Pad

    Full standing pad for comfort and additional quiet while sight fishing and casting.
  • 5  - NEW Elite Seat system

    Hi-Lo seating, fore and aft trimming on one of the most comfortable seats in the market.
  • 6  - Orion Tumbler

    Now included with this model will be the Orion Cooler Tumbler, a 27 oz brushed stainless steel double-wall tumbler that will keep cool drinks cool and warm drinks warm. Great for a morning coffee, day on the water, or an evening beverage around the campfire, the tumbler is a popular choice for liquid temperature management.
  • 7  - Platypus Hydration System

    Built onto the back of our Elite Seat System is Platypus’ Hoser Hydration System. This protected pouch holds water and other hydration liquids in a BPA-free plastic sac for your day on the water. Sheltered between the seat and the SealLine pouch, the hydration system has a tube that runs to the side of the seat for easy access and quick sips via hose and quick sip end.
  • 8  - SealLine Seat Pouch

    Water-resistant seat back pouch from SealLine. Heavy duty construction that will keep your items out of the elements. Removable for versatility and comes with bungee for added storage to easily accessible items.
  • 9  - Therm-a-Rest  - Therm-a-Rest

    Therm-a-Rest lumbar support is adjustable and removable, and makes for a great camp pillow.
  • 10  - RAM Rod Holders  - RAM Mounts

    The Cuda HD also includes a Tough Ball (1.5''), one RAM 2007 Rod Holder and two RAM Tough Tubes with base.
  • 11  - YakAttack Gear Tracks  - YakAttack

    Located on both sides, in the front and rear of the kayak, the YakAttack gear tracks are built in to the kayak in easily accessible locations for adding accessories via YakAttack Screwballs and RAM Mounts.
  • 12  - Line Cutterz  - Line Cutterz

    Sleek, adjustable ring with double-sided blade perfect for quick and efficient cutting of mono-filament and braided fishing line. Blades are protected so safe and easy to use, convenient location on seat frame.
  • 13  - PowerPole ready  - Power-pole Micro Anchor

    Four easy molded-in screw points ready for easy implementation of the PowerPole MicroAnchor system.
  • 14  - NEW molded rod tubes

    Sealed, molded in rod tip tubes now the ultimate protection more of your rods
  • 15  - Tackle and storage options, including Plano box  - Plano

    Multiple locations to store all your standard sized tackle boxes around the seat giving you ample, easy-to-access locations for your gear.
  • 16  - Hypalon Paddle Blade Keeper

    Tuck your paddle blade under this Hypalon keeper to get it out of the way but still in arm's reach - snag-free for your treble hooks! Resistant to UV damage and temperature extremes, this material will keep your paddle safe!